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About Metropolitan Steppers

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Metropolitan Steppers provide a positive atmosphere where our members, friends, family, fellow steppers, and stepper organizations can simultaneously engage in the dance art form commonly known as Chicago Steppin. Our members are primarily made up of Federal Government employees, military, both retired and active, as well as natives from Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Chicago, Gary, Detroit, and Indianapolis. Since the art of Chicago Steppin is an African American social dance, the Metropolitan Steppers continue to maintain its traditions, history & culture, lifestyle & fashion, entertainment & music, and dance.

What is Steppin?

  • Chicago Style Stepping know as "Steppin' or the “Dance” is a social dance done in time to music that occurs on a steady recognizable 'downbeat'
  • The ability to take steps to the downbeat and still come back in time with your partner is widely accepted as the definition for Steppin
  • Also, the smooth gracefulness of the dance is also a characteristic of Steppin
  • The dance includes a lead and follow position and requires physical interaction and coordination between the individuals who are dancing
  • Various turn patterns, footwork, and pulls are all inclusive elements of the dance
  • In summary, Steppin' is altogether rhythmic, elegant, egotistical, smooth, graceful, strong, aggressive, intimate, competitive, and cool all at the same time

Where did it come from?

Steppin is a derivative of several African American dance forms, the Ring-Shout, the Cakewalk, the Jitterbug, the Swing, the Offtime, and the Bop

Describe the Dance Format/Music?

The dance consist of two or more people dancing as partners in synchronization to a 6 or 8 count beat to smooth musical sounds of Jazz, Soul, Funk, R&B, Neo Soul, or Rap music

What about its history?

In the 50’s and 60’s, the BOP was the most popular dance in Chicago, often sharing the popularity spotlight with individual dances like the Twist, the Monkey, the Mash Potatoes, the Twine Time, etc.

The Walk, a slowed down version of “The Bop” was also very popular. The Walk is truly one of the most intimate/graceful aspects of Steppin one could ever witness and remains a major part of the intimate aspect of Chicago Steppin

In the late 70's, when Disco took a sudden fall in popularity in Chicago and individual dance like the Spank, The Dazz, etc. dominated the social arena

This time it lasted well up into the 80's when “The Bop” got a face lift, a new identity currently known as Steppin

Steppin is becoming one of the most popular aspects of the African American social climate and has gained popularity across the US in many major cities, like New York, Detroit, Atlanta, Dallas, Milwaukee, L.A., Oakland, Seattle, Washington DC, Baltimore, Virginia, as well as overseas in England

Culture of Stepping

For those who step in Chicago, Steppin is not just a dance; it also encompasses a lifestyle of dress as well as music

Steppin is a's what Chicagoans eat, think, and breathe

Steppin continuously evolves and grows; all the while remaining foundationally grounded in the social traditions of partner-dancing

Steppin' is indigenous to Chicago as hand dancing is indigenous in DC.

How Do You Dress For Steppin?

Steppers Sharp!

How could I learn to Step?

The Metropolitan Steppers holds Chicago Style Steppin Classes at:

Martini's Restaurant and Lounge, Fort Washington, MD - Saturday from 6:00 to 7:30 pm

Please check the or you may Facebook Metropolitan Steppers for more information on upcoming Steppin events and activities.